Kansas City Royals: Looking at Potential Trade Partners

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Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Kansas City Royals make a trade to either bolster the lineup or the starting rotation? Or should the Royals just stand pat, hoping that the rotation is truly on the right path and that Omar Infante can start to produce like the player the Royals thought they were getting when they signed him to that four year contract? It is certainly a hot topic of debate.

Of course, what is lost in this debate is whether or not another team either has something that the Royals would need, or if the Royals have something that they would need. Likewise, with the advent of the second Wild Card, there are not nearly as many teams that would be considered sellers as in years past. More teams feel as though they have a chance, driving up the prices of those available players. It is, indeed, a seller’s market.

But what of those teams that one has to imagine to be sellers at this point? Teams like the Philadelphia Phillies have essentially had the ‘For Sale’ sign up since Spring Training, while other teams just have not had the type of season they expected. At this point, there are a few teams that may have moving vans lined up and waiting at the clubhouse, just in case a deal comes down the pipeline.

Are any of those teams a match for the Kansas City Royals? Let us take a look at each of the expected sellers at the trade deadline and see what they have to offer.

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