Kansas City Royals Climb Atop FSMLB Power Rankings


Well, it has been a very rough start to the week for the Kansas City Royals. They have lost four consecutive games for the first time all year. The offense is in the midst of a ridiculous slump, scoring five runs in that time. Jeremy Guthrie put together a historically awful outing on Monday. Yes, this has been a rough week indeed.

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There is, however, some good news. Alex Rios may be returning shortly, which would theoretically give the Royals offense the boost they may need. The Royals starting pitching cannot continue to be this bad, at least, one would hope. And, after a 4-1 week last week, the Kansas City Royals have claimed the top spot in this week’s FanSided MLB Power Rankings.

Obviously, given the way this week has started off for the Boys in Blue, their reign atop the power rankings may be brief. However, with three games against the Cubs this weekend, and then series against the Indians and the Rangers, the Royals could right the ship soon. Of course, it helps that Kansas City will avoid noted Royals killer Jon Lester this weekend.

This top ranking may be a bit of an explanation as to why the Royals have suddenly struggled. The Dodgers went almost four games without scoring when they had reached the top spot of the power rankings. The Cardinals held that spot, then lost two of three to the Royals. Perhaps, instead of being atop that mountain. the sweet spot for sustainable success is to be ranked second or third.

We may well find out if that holds true next week. For now, the Royals are suddenly in the midst of a battle of the division against the upstart Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers. Obviously, there are far more important things to focus on here.

Yet, for one week, the Kansas City Royals have reached the coveted first place spot in the FanSided Power Rankings. That reign may not last forever, but that one week is still more than what most pundits would have expected at the start of the season. Once the rotation gets sorted out, and the offense finds its way once again, the Royals may well find their way back to the top of the power rankings.

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