Kansas City Royals Week Seven Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Hochevar

It speaks to how well the Kansas City Royals played last week that the person who had the worst week pitched two innings. Unfortunately, that means that Luke Hochevar’s struggles this week were only magnified.

In those two innings of work, Hochevar allowed two runs on five hits. While he did not walk a batter and struck out three, Hochevar was also the only player on the Royals to pitch and have an ERA above 4.50. In this case, default would not be the two sweetest words in the English language.

It also speaks volumes to the overall depth of the Kansas City Royals bullpen that Hochevar is either the fifth or sixth arm in that rellief corp. The Royals shutdown bullpen has been a strength for the team, and may be even better than they were last year.

Coming back from his Tommy John surgery, it may just be that Luke Hochevar is hitting a bit of a wall and will break through in the next couple of weeks.

Now, let us look at the hot list from last week!

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