Kansas City Royals Week Seven Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was essentially the coronation of the Kansas City Royals as the best team in baseball. They already had the best run differential in the game, and after sweeping the Reds and taking two of three from the Cardinals, arguably the Royals biggest contenders to that top spot, have solidified their place as the best team in the game.

Naturally, with the Royals going 4-1 last week, there were quite a few excellent performances. There were a few players that have struggled, but given the way the Royals played, those struggles were minimized.

What we did see where quite a few of the players who had already been hot for the Royals continue to perform at their torrid pace, and some of those who had struggled at times went into another slump. Perhaps some of those players will begin to heat up over the next few weeks.

So, which players were hot and which were not over the past week? Well, there were quite a few players that could have landed on the former part of the list. Conversely, not many players had poor outings, making the latter part of the list a bit more difficult to fill out.

So, let us look back at the week that was and see who was hot and who was not. We will begin with those who struggled last week.

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