Kansas City Royals Breakdown: The Rotation

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Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In going over the struggles for the Kansas City Royals starting rotation this season, the issues may not be nearly as severe as they would seem. These struggles may simply be a matter of bad luck and the natural progression of young starters learning on the job at the same time. Danny Duffy and Yordano Ventura, for all of their talent, are now being put in the unfamiliar role of being the Royals top starters and need to adjust to that role.

Yes, there are concerns, especially about Duffy’s ability to handle these increased expectations. However, given the Royals deep bullpen and improved offense, all that Kansas City really needs are five or six solid innings. In theory, that should not be that difficult.

While one cannot expect that the Royals offense will carry the team throughout the season, one likewise cannot expect that the rotation will struggle to this extent either. Eventually, that luck will normalize and the Kansas City Royals will be back to having the type of starting pitching that we have become accustomed to.

Even if parts of the rotation falter, reinforcements could be forthcoming. Young could remain in the rotation, and Jason Vargas is expected back at some point this season. Kris Medlen could eventually work himself back into a starting role. Maybe John Lamb can pitch his way to Kansas City and get a look in the rotation if need be.

The Kansas City Royals struggles with their rotation are not going to last all season. As you said in the poll last week, maybe all they need to do is be patient and everything will come back to usual.

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