Kansas City Royals Have the Willingness to Fight


Here it is, three days later, and people are still complaining about the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao “fight.” People were understandably upset at spending close to $100 to watch Mayweather essentially use the platform as a “Dancing with the Stars” audition tape, while proving that it is possible to be considered a great fighter without actually fighting. Then people wonder why boxing is in the same realm of relevancy in the sports world as curling, snooker and synchronized swimming.

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Then there are the Kansas City Royals, the newly minted “Bad Boys of Baseball,” the team not afraid to actually display their pugilistic abilities. Instead of standing back, covering up and hugging the opponents to the point that one would think they are watching a hippie love fest, the Royals are doing their part to intimidate the opposition and fight back whenever they feel it is necessary.

We all know that there will be plenty of excitement at a Royals game. The defense will make a play that is seemingly impossible, only to do the same the very next inning. The speed on the basepaths is remarkable, as is the Royals ability to continually put the ball into play. However, the offense is no longer predicated just on speed, as the Royals have displayed an ability to actually hit home runs this season.

The Kansas City Royals are an excitable team that truly enjoys playing baseball and celebrates their success. If this annoys the opposition, then so be it. The Royals certainly will not back down or run away from a fight. They certainly have that ‘us against the world‘ mentality working for them, and is has worked thus far. There is a fight in this team that is truly special, and one that was distinctly lacking from that much ballyhooed hug fest Saturday night.

Already, the inevitable rematch talk have begun with Mayweather and Pacquiao, with the idea that they will ‘fight’ again in another year. Do not be fooled a second time. Instead of spending that $100 again to watch nothing happen, go to a Royals game. At least there, if someone throws a punch, you know the Royals will fight right back.

If you really want to watch a fight, tune in to a Kansas City Royals game. It will cost a lot less, and there will be a lot less dancing around.

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