Kansas City Royals Should Give Jeremy Guthrie Another Chance


It is sort of easy to target Jeremy Guthrie this season. Given that he has struggled over the first month, posting a 1-2 record with a 6.52 ERA and a 1.586 WHiP, it is easy for him to be the whipping boy if someone is to look for an issue in the Kansas City Royals rotation. While Jason Vargas has struggled as much as Guthrie, if not more, the fact that Guthrie is on the last year of his contract shines the light a bit brighter in his direction.

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Of course, it also does not help Guthrie’s case that Chris Young, who has been a starter for most of his career, has performed quite well out of the bullpen. He certainly made an impression by throwing five no hit innings in his spot start on Friday, and has posted a stellar 1.23 ERA and a 0.614 WHiP.

Naturally, given Guthrie’s contract status and his reputation as being a solid teammate and veteran who understands the harshness of the game, there is a bit of a clamor to remove him from the rotation. Young has pitched well, Guthrie has not. Time for a change!

Well, maybe. Yes, the difference between Guthrie and Young this season has been rather striking thus far, but we are only one month into the season. As Billy Beane has often said, it typically takes two months to know exactly what one has with their team. We are only halfway to that point.

Also, it is not as though Jeremy Guthrie is in uncharted territory. He has had his struggles before, and has been seemingly been counted out several times before. Yet, every time it seems as though Guthrie is on his last stand, he comes through, getting himself back on track and being that solid innings eater that the Kansas City Royals have come to know.

Once again, Guthrie appears poised to make his last stand. Once again, each start he makes could well be his last. However, if there is anything that Guthrie has proved since coming over to the Kansas City Royals, it is that one should never truly count him out. After all, nothing was really expected from him when he was acquired from the Colorado Rockies for Jonathan Sanchez. Instead, the Royals received a pitcher who has produced a 34-28 record with a 4.06 ERA and a 1.325 WHiP as he heads into his fourth season with the team.

The Kansas City Royals have proven to be patient with their players. Look at the chances that Mike Moustakas received, and how they are being rewarded for that patience. Chances are, the Royals and Ned Yost will exercise that same patient approach with Guthrie, letting him work through his issues. If he cannot, then the hook may come, but it is not going to be just yet.

Jeremy Guthrie has proven that it is foolhardy to count him out time and time again. Hopefully, he has one more resurgence left for the Kansas City Royals.

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