Kansas City Royals Extension Candidate: Mike Moustakas


Expectations for Mike Moustakas have certainly changed a lot since he first reached the majors in 2011. He had been one of the top prospects in baseball, and considered to be a future cornerstone for the Kansas City Royals. Then, he continued to struggle in his time in the majors, turning into a dead pull hitter whose power just did not manifest itself nearly as well as hoped for at the major league level. Eventually, he was even banished to the minors for ten days to try to rebuild his confidence. Moustakas appeared well on his way to simply being a bust.

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Then, suddenly, Moustakas appears to be reborn. For the first time in his major league career, he is driving the ball with authority to all fields. His power is still there, as Moustakas is tied for the team lead with three home runs, but suddenly, he looks like a more complete hitter. His .342/.419/.526 batting line is what the Royals had dreamed of when he was rising through the ranks as one of their top prospects and one of the players expected to bring the Royals back to contention.

It may be three weeks, but right now, Mike Moustakas is looking exactly like that player. At just 26 years of age, could it be that the light has finally gone on? Could it be that, much like when Alex Gordon was struggling at the beginning of his career, everything just suddenly came together for him?

Now that Moustakas seems to be performing like that player the Kansas City Royals expected to be a cornerstone, it may be time to wonder if an extension should be in the works. Considering how Moustakas was at the nadir of his value not even a season ago, and was thought to be on a very short leash this season, the fact that an extension for Moustakas is even a thought is rather remarkable. Yet, his production thus far would warrant such consideration.

Given that we are only three and a half weeks into the season, it is likely too early for the Kansas City Royals to begin thinking about an extension for Mike Moustakas. However, this performance is truly an encouraging sign, and if he is able to continue to hit the ball with authority to all fields, he would have become that valued contributor we had all expected when he first arrived in the majors.

Even if it is a little premature to truly look at an extension for Moustakas, the fact that such a thought is even on the radar speaks volumes to how far he has come. To have gone from someone that was considered eminently replaceable to a possible extension candidate this quickly is certainly a great sign.

It may not have happened as quickly as either Mike Moustakas or the Kansas City Royals would have hoped, but he is starting to look like a complete hitter. If this continues, it may be time to lock him up long term.

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