KC Royals Climb to Second in FanSided MLB Power Rankings


Being one of the last two undefeated teams in baseball is a sure way to earn respect. That has certainly been the case with the KC Royals over the past week. A team that most prognosticators picked to finish somewhere around the middle of the pack in baseball went undefeated last week, showing surprising power and the hunger that makes it seem as though last season’s playoff run was not just some happy fluke.

At the beginning of the season, in the FanSided MLB Power Rankings, the Royals were ranked eighth. It was a fair ranking, allowing for a bit of flexibility if the Royals performed up to expectations. With that pitching staff, a deeper bullpen and the same amazing defense, it was felt that the Royals would once again be a contender for a playoff berth.

Well, that perfect week pretty much went according to plan. If not for Yordano Ventura needing to take a potassium supplement or hydrate better, Opening Week could not have been much better. Indeed, the Royals performance was reflected in this week’s FanSided MLB Power Rankings, as they rose six spots to second overall, just behind the Detroit Tigers.

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So, why are the KC Royals behind the Detroit Tigers? Well, it has to do with more than the standard quibbling about the unfairness of alphabetical order. Heading into yesterday’s games, the Tigers were the only team in baseball to have a higher run difference than the Royals, at +31 runs compared to the +25 for the Royals. With both teams being undefeated, it makes sense as to how that would be the deciding factor.

However, going forward, there would seem to be more of a reason to be optimistic about the Royals. The Tigers still have that dumpster fire of a bullpen, with a relatively weaker rotation and an aging core. The Royals, meanwhile, have certainly not let last season’s remarkable run get to them. If anything, that romp through the postseason appears to have made the Royals even hungrier. The Royals are playing with a fire and a determination that is truly a joy to behold.

While the undefeated season cannot last forever, the KC Royals have certainly served notice that they will not be a one hit wonder like Spacehog or Carl Douglas. If the winning continues, the Royals may even find themselves atop the power rankings at this time next week.

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