Kansas City Royals: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not for Week One

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

2. Alex Gordon

Through seven games last season, Alex Gordon got off to a slow start, producing a .231/.276/.308 batting line with two doubles. Compared to this season, that effort looks almost Ruthian, as Gordon currently has a .077/.333/.077 batting line, striking out five times in 18 plate appearances. On the positive side, Gordon has been getting on base, walking twice and being hit by a pitch three times.

Of course, this slow start may well be due to the offseason surgery that Gordon had on his wrist. In an effort to get him rest for that wrist, he has already missed two games, supplanted by the triples machine known as Paulo Orlando. Is this a matter of the wrist continuing to bother Gordon, or just a slow start to the season?

For as well as Orlando has played, the Kansas City Royals certainly have to hope that it is the latter. Not only is Gordon a prime cog in their lineup, but his defense in left is truly unmatched. If that wrist is continuing to act up and cause Gordon to miss any length of time, the Royals could be in trouble.

Hopefully, Alex Gordon will work his way out of his slump and the wrist will continue to improve as time goes by. Otherwise, the Royals may suddenly find themselves with an unexpected problem in the lineup.

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