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Bret Saberhagen

Over the first six years of Bret Saberhagen’s career, he had an interesting trend of being stellar in odd numbered years, but mediocre in even numbered years. It was a strange and truly unexplained trend, but was something to watch nonetheless.

During those odd numbered seasons, Saberhagen was truly in a class by himself. He won two Cy Young awards in 1985 and 1989, yet somehow did not make the All-Star Game either year. Saberhagen was, however, an All-Star for the Royals in 1987 and in 1990, the year that he finally broke out of that even-odd routine. An all around player, Saberhagen won a Gold Glove award for his fielding prowess and finished in the top ten on the MVP ballot twice.

One of the more dominant pitchers in Kansas City Royals history, Bret Saberhagen finished his tenure with a 110-78 record, a 3.21 ERA and a 1.134 WHiP. Those 110 wins rank sixth all time, while Saberhagen is second in WHiP, seventh in ERA and fourth with 1039 strikeouts and 14 shutouts. Saberhagen even notched a save in his one save opportunity back in his rookie season.

A strangely inconsistent pitcher, Saberhagen was truly something to behold when he had his best stuff. However, that usually happened in those odd numbered years during his time in Kansas City.

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