Kansas City Royals Questions for the 2015 Season

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, Opening Day is here! It is a day akin to Christmas morning for us baseball fans, as the promise of a new season has come through. Everyone feels as though they are legitimate contenders for the playoffs, with the reasons as to why this is the year echoing through the blogosphere. Certainly, we fans of the Kansas City Royals have that same feeling, especially after last year’s run.

However, there remains some unfinished business. That run through October was amazing, but it was also agonizing to be that close to tying the game, and possibly hoisting the World Series trophy in Kauffman Stadium. If not for Madison Bumgarner, that very well could have happened.

Now that the playoff drought has ended, the Royals appear poised to become a perennial playoff contender. Of course, for that to happen, quite a few things need to go right. While the Royals are in much better shape than they have been in the past, the margin for error in what is expected to be an extremely competitive American League Central is razor thin.

What will be the keys to the Kansas City Royals success this season? What questions do the Royals need to answer as they look to not only defend their American League championship, but to possibly get that elusive final game in the World Series? Let us take a look at the questions the Royals will be facing this season.

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