Kansas City Royals Could Hit Mike Moustakas Second


Typically, when putting together a lineup, there are certain expectations for each hitter. Middle of the order batters are expected to provide a respectable amount of power, as they would be the bigger power threats on the team. The third batter in the lineup is typically the best hitter on the team. Leadoff hitters are expected to get on base at a solid rate. Those batters in the second spot typically have the best bat control whien it comes to making contact.

At least, that is what the normal lineup looks like. However, as we all know, Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost is not exactly one for convention when it comes to his lineup. Sure, he may put his best speed guy atop the lineup, as he is expected to do with Alcides Escobar this year, but that is about as far as convention goes. As if to further illustrate that point, Yost has implied that Mike Moustakas may end up as the Royals second hitter to start the season.

At first, this seems like a plan destined for failure. After all, Moustakas is essentially the antithesis of the typical second hitter in the lineup, since he is a dead pull hitter and not exactly known for his ability to place the ball wherever he wants. How would this possibly work?

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However, as strange as it may seem, Ned Yost may well be on to something here. With Alcides Escobar on first, Mike Moustakas may not face such an exaggerated shift. The threat of the stolen base would likely keep both the second baseman and shortstop near the bag, opening up the right side of the diamond. Otherwise, should Escobar steal second, you can pretty much give him third base as well, since the third baseman would need to sprint to the bag to attempt to catch the throw.

If Moustakas is going to have trouble hitting the ball to the opposite field, as he usually does, why not try to force the defense to give him that needed opening? If the opposition cannot put their second baseman or shortstop into shallow right, Moustakas could suddenly have that breakout season in terms of his batting line.

As strange as it may sounds, Yost batting Mike Moustakas second could actually be a good idea. It would certainly make for an interesting experiment.

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