Kansas City Royals Super Fan Jimmy Faseler Needs Our Help


We may not know him by name, but we all know who Kansas City Royals super fan Jimmy Faseler is. Faseler is the fan with the large stomach and the entertaining dance moves who appears at the Royals home games, amusing the crowd with his antics. He has certainly become well known in the Royals community as one of the team’s most recognizable fans.

Unfortunately, Faseler was the victim of a shooting as part of a fatal home invasion. When he arrived home at approximately 11:00pm on Friday night, Faseler found three suspects robbing his home. He confronted them, leading to a shooting that left one 16 year old suspect dead, and Faseler suffering from gunshot wounds.

Fortunately, after several surgeries, Jimmy Faseler appears to be on the road to recovering. He had his feeding tube removed, and is breathing on his own. Earlier today, Faseler began talking, proclaiming his lack of enjoyment when it came to being shot.

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Unfortunately, even with the good news that Faseler is recovering, there are still going to be a lot of medical bills. With that in mind, a GoFundMe account was set up for Faseler to help offset these costs. Even if you are unable to help, just sharing the account to get the word out will be a tremendous help.

Kansas City Royals games just would not be the same without seeing Jimmy Faseler dancing and entertaining the crowd. He has become a big part of the experience at Kauffman Stadium, a true fixture during Royals games. Fortunately, as Faseler is on the way to recovering, he may be able to return to his accustomed place in the stands soon.

We’re all pulling for you Jimmy! Here’s to a quick recovery, and hopefully we will see you back at Kauffman Stadium soon!

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