Kansas City Royals Players to Target in Fantasy Baseball

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Holland

It has been hammered into our heads that we should not overvalue closers in a fantasy league. However, a large part of my success personally has been to lock down the elite closers before other members of the league realized what was happening. To that end, I currently have Craig Kimbrel, Aroldis Chapman and Greg Holland in my points based head to head dynasty league.

Why target closers earlier? In the typical 5×5 league, locking down the elite closers will result in a nice bump in strikeouts, ERA and WHiP while potentially dominating the saves category. As wins are a bit of a gamble anyway, being able to have a decided advantage over the opposition in the other four categories is a major help.

Holland has certainly established himself among the elite, posting 93 saves along with a 1.32 ERA and a 0.889 WHiP over the past two seasons. He has also struck out 13.4 batters per nine innings, establishing himself as a true asset in every category that does not involve win totals. It is certainly understandable as to why he has been considered the top closer in baseball.

If you cannot get one of the elite starters, an elite closer may be a bit more valuable than the second tier of starters, especially depending on your league’s setup. Closers, like Greg Holland, could be an underrated asset.

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