KC Royals Reliever Tim Collins to Get Second Opinion


It seems inevitable that Tim Collins will eventually need to undergo Tommy John surgery on his ailing left elbow. An MRI had revealed that Collins had damage to an elbow ligament, which typically ends up with the aforementioned procedure and a one year recovery time. The only lefty reliever that seemed to have a fairly secure spot in the Kansas City Royals bullpen was now put on the shelf.

However, there may still be a faint glimmer of hope that Collins could do something for the Royals this season. While this glimmer may simply be nothing, Collins is reportedly going to get a second opinion on his ailing elbow.

Ok, this second opinion from Dr. Andrews likely means that Tim Collins will undergo surgery anyway, since it is unlikely that he will recommend anything else. It is, after all, a great deal of what he does, and seeing Dr. Andrews near any pitcher is never a positive sign. In fact, Dr. Andrews is one of the signs of the pitching apocalypse, along with a giant syringe filled with PEDs and Coors Field. It’s never a good sign when he is around.

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And yet, because Collins is having that second opinion, there is that kernel of hope. Perhaps the damage that was seen on the ligament was just a speck on the camera. Perhaps, now that the swelling has gone down a bit more in his elbow, we will find out that Collins is healthy, and ready to join the Kansas City Royals bullpen after some rest and rehab.

In all likelihood, Tim Collins will not be helping the Kansas City Royals this season. The Royals will need to look elsewhere for their lefty reliever, possibly meaning that Brandon Finnegan will stay in Kansas City as a reliever. Or, perhaps, the Royals can go out and sign a reliever like Joe Thatcher to fill that void.

The injury to Tim Collins currently leaves the Kansas City Royals in the interesting position of not having a lefty reliever that is guaranteed to make the roster. That will likely change in the next few days once Dr. Andrews confirms what is wrong with Collins’ elbow, but for now, the Royals may be hoping for this one time miracle.

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