Triple Play Podcast: Chris Young, Injuries, AL East & Tigers Previews


Spring Training games started last week, which means that baseball players started getting hurt last week, so we started this episode of the Triple Play Podcast with a brief discussion of some of the major injuries around baseball. Yu Darvish has a torn UCL, Cliff Lee has a sore elbow, and Hunter Pence has a broken arm. I think he’s able to just sprout another alien arm soon though, so he should be fine.

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We also talked about Tim Collins‘ damaged ligament in his left elbow, and what that could mean for the Royals this year. In other Royals news, the team signed Chris Young to a major league deal, so we discussed his unique pitching style, and how he fits into a roster that already has five starters and several capable relievers.

From there, we continued our MLB previews by looking at the American League East. The Red Sox appear to be the favorites, with a completely stacked lineup, while the Blue Jays and Orioles should be competing for a Wild Card spot. The Yankees and Rays probably want to fast forward to 2016.

We wrapped up the show with a look at the Tigers, who have won the AL Central each of the last four seasons. The lineup still looks potent, but they have taken a step back overall, and their depth could be a big cause for concern in 2015. Still, they’ll be right in the thick of the playoff race.

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