Kansas City Royals Avoid the Nic Cage Treatment


If one is looking for a quality cinematic performance, the one needs to look no further than Nic Cage in the 2006 remake of Wicker Man. Virtually every scene is pure hilarity and cinematic gold. It has one of the truly great death scenes even to be put on film. Wicker Man was truly the highlight of the illustrious career of Nic Cage, and the reason why I can never look at bees without mixed feelings of amusement and terror.

Yesterday, the game between the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Angels looked as though it could be a scene from Wicker Man 2 – The Ghost of Cage (please make this!!!) Bees swarmed the field at the beginning of the fourth inning, perhaps looking to get in the eyes of their favorite actor. Finally, they settled in on a microphone behind home plate, using it to make a hive as Cage’s head was nowhere to be found.

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Eventually, a professional beekeeper (unfortunately not Nic Cage in a bear suit) was summoned to get rid of the bees. Wil Godwin, the beekeeper in question, speculated that the bees were simply tired and resting, while scouts went out in search of a better location to build their hive. Or, perhaps, to see if they could locate a box set of the National treasure movies at a reduced rate at the local Wal-Mart.

Fortunately, after the brief bee interlude, the Kansas City Royals were able to continue their game. Also, to our immense relief, the bees did not get into anyone’s eyes, nor were they poured into a cage locked on to someone’s head and form a deadly bee beard. We were all spared that scene, and the horrific yelling that ensued, as shouting and writhing about would keep the bees from entering the eyes or mouth, right?

All these bees really wanted were food, water and a place to call home. Instead, they were sprayed with pesticide, swept into a bucket and became fodder for numerous Nic Cage related jokes. That has to sting just a bit.

At least the Kansas City Royals managed to win the matchup 6-4 over the Angels, improving to 5-0 in Spring Training action. And, this time, Nic Cage was not harmed in the process, leaving him free to create other classic scenes such as these.

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