Kansas City Royals Top Five left Fielders

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2. Bo Jackson (1986-1990, 6.6 WAR)

Bo Jackson appeared to be destined to be a superstar in both baseball and football. His exploits on both the diamond and gridiron were legendary, like when he ended Brian Bosworth’s career or when he literally climbed the outfield wall to rob a home run. He had a cannon of an arm, gunning players at home from the warning track, a tremendous amount of power and was a true five tool player. Unfortunately, his career in both sports was cut short when a hit by Kevin Walker resulted i hip replacement surgery. Sadly, Bo had planned on retiring from football even before that injury, as he was going to concentrate on baseball.

Even if his baseball career was cut short, Bo still provided quite a number of memories. While his .250/.308/.480 batting line was not overly impressive to look at, it does not tell the true story of what Bo was. Neither do his 109 home runs or his 81 stolen bases. Bo was truly legendary.

As mentioned previous, Bo Jackson’s ability to throw the baseball was remarkable. He led the American League in outfield assists in 1988 and 1989 before opponents learned that running on Bo was to give the Kansas City Royals a free out. Even after he came back from the hip replacement surgery, Bo finished fourth with seven runs saved in left in 1993.

One of the few athletes who were known by just their first name, Bo truly knew baseball. It is unfortunate that we never got to know what Bo was truly capable of on the diamond.

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