Kansas City Royals Top Five Center Fielders

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

4. David DeJesus (2003-2010, 19.0 WAR)

There was something about David DeJesus that seemingly left us wanting more. Perhaps it was because he was expected to be another power and speed threat for the Kansas City Royals, but never lived up to those expectations. However, that does not diminish the fact that he was, in fact, a solid player during his tenure with the Royals.

DeJesus may never have been an All-Star player, but he did have a solid bat. Overall, he contributed a .289/.360/.427 batting line, hitting 61 home runs and stealing 47 bases. His solid speed may not have translated well when it came to the stolen base as he was caught 43 times, but DeJesus did leg out 187 doubles and 45 triples.

Even though David DeJesus may never have been a Gold Glove outfielder, he was useful as he moved around for the Royals. While primarily a center fielder, DeJesus also played admirably in left and right, being the Royals starter in both positions during his tenure in Kansas City.

David DeJesus may be one of those players whose time with the Royals is appreciated more with the gift of hindsight. He may not have been the star it was hoped he would be, but DeJesus was a solid player in his own right.

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