Kansas City Royals Top Five Center Fielders

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Mandatory Credit: Paul Buck/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

The list of team leaders in Wins Above Replacement on Fangraphs.com, when set to the ‘qualified’ amount for minimum plate appearances, appears to be about 1000. While that may seem like a decent amount, that is really only two to three seasons for a typical every day player. In reality, 1000 plate appearances is not a lot.

However, for the Kansas City Royals, it is occasionally difficult to find a large quantity of players to fit that criterion at a position. Sometimes, it is due to the position historically being a revolving door. Other times, it is because there have been several players who played the position regularly. More often than not, it is some combination of the two.

In the case of the Kansas City Royals center fielders, it is because two of the players listed are actually in the top five for game played all time. Granted, both Willie Wilson and Amos Otis had a good amount of overlap, but their presence still limited the amount of time a player had to really get extensive time in center. Still, considering that only nine players hit the minimum amount of plate appearances to qualify, this was quite the impressive list.

The same rules as with the previous lists, as the Fangraphs.com WAR category has been used as a guide. However, that does not mean that it will be the only determining factor. In fact, Johnny Damon has a higher WAR (11.9) than the player selected for fifth on this list. However, it can be argued that the player replacing him means more to the Kansas City Royals than Damon did.

As always, let us know who you think should have made this list, or if you feel someone should be rated higher!

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