Kansas City Royals Top Five Right Fielders

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It is interesting to compare the success that different teams have had at different positions. For instance, the Pittsburgh Pirates have had three Hall of Fame players manning right field. The Kansas City Royals have had Jeff Francoeur. Granted, the Pirates have been around since 1882, but one would have hoped for at least one Hall of Fame caliber player.

However, even during the Royals heyday, right field managed to be that position that was a revolving door. There were certainly players who could have been that star right fielder, but they left before being able to truly leave their marks upon the team. Then, given how many players also played at other positions, this list is a bit thin.

In a way, that makes creating these lists more interesting. Instead of having the obvious candidates that fill out the top five, there is a lot more room for discussion and debate. Of course, when there is a lot of mediocrity in the four through twelve range, a debate can be made for quite a few players to make this list. Except Francoeur.

The same rules apply. The Wins Above Replacement list from Fangraphs.com will be used as a guide. It also shows that Jeff Francoeur was better than Mitch Maier and Jose Guillen in right for the Kansas City Royals. Yikes.

As always, let us know who you think should have made this list, or if you feel someone should be rated higher!