Kansas City Royals Billboard Burns into Memory


You know that you have done a tremendous job with your advertising when it generates quite a few phone calls. Entertainingly enough for the Kansas City Royals, some of those phone calls have been going to the Kansas City, Kansas fire department.

The Royals have already taken their bobbleheads to another level, so why not do the same in advertising? If the Royals could have a bobblehead version of Mike Moustakas going over the railing to catch a fly ball, then why not have a billboard of Jarrod Dyson literally setting the basepaths ablaze?

Well, the Kansas City Royals did just that. Partnering with Walz Tetrick Advertising, the Royals new billboard uses already charred wood and orange and red rope lights to simulate the fire effect. That simulated effect has been realistic enough where the fire department has gotten numerous calls from concerned motorists about the billboard actually being ablaze. Yes, the billboard looks that realistic.

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The billboards should not be the only think the Royals burn up this season. While they have added more power in Alex Rios and Kendrys Morales, the Royals success will still be based on their speed, defense and pitching. Players like Dyson, Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain will be counted on to do their part to run rampant on the opposition.

Hopefully, it will just be the basepaths that catch fire for the Kansas City Royals. At this point, after all the phone calls, if that billboard does somehow actually catch fire, one would have to expect that the first couple of calls would not be taken seriously. The old fable of the boy who cried wolf, or counted out the Royals, may be in play here.

The Kansas City Royals already took the bobblehead game to another level. So, why not do the same thing when it comes to billboards? They certainly appear to have made a major impression.

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