Max Scherzer Signing has a Major Impact on the Royals


The big news in baseball over the past couple of days has been the signing of Max Scherzer by the Washington Nationals. Nominally signed to a seven year, $210 Million contract, half of that money is actually being deferred, allowing Scherzer to have a steady paycheck for the next 14 years. Not bad work if one can get it.

While the signing of Scherzer may turn the Washington Nationals into one of the favorites for the 2015 Wolrd Series championship, there is also a major trickle down effect. As much as this signing will have an effect on the plans of teams like the Marlins and the Braves, there is also a major effect on the American League Central, and the hopes of the Kansas City Royals.

With Max Scherzer officially out of the picture, the Royals are likely the favorites in the Central. Yes, the Tigers still have David Price and someone calling himself Justin Verlander, but he is absolutely not the same pitcher he once was. Perhaps it is the Curse of Kate Upton, but if so, that is one curse I would like to fall under. The rest of the rotation is a giant question mark at best.

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Yes, the Chicago White Sox have improved themselves by finally getting Jose Abreu some protection and addressing their bullpen. The Minnesota Twins signed Ervin Santana, improving their rotation. The Indians are going to be tough, just as the Tigers likely will even without Scherzer. But at this point, the Royals have to be considered the favorites to win the Central and make the playoffs for consecutive seasons for the first time since 1984-85.

Yet, if the Royals get even close to the production they expect from Alex Rios, Kendrys Morales and Edinson Volquez, that should not be a problem. The lineup would be deeper than last year, with a rotation that should be just as good. Add in an improved bullpen and another year of maturity for the young Royals, and 2015 could be another magical season.

Max Scherzer signing with the Nationals should almost certainly have a positive impact in Washington. However, it should also have a positive impact for a few other teams as well, including the Kansas City Royals.