Bob Hamelin on Twitter is Everything We Needed


Back in 1994, a rookie named Bob Hamelin burst upon the national scene for the Royals. The portly first baseman /designated hitter, wearing glasses that belonged to the previous decade, crushed buffets and baseballs en route to a .282/.388/.599 batting line and 24 home runs. In that abbreviated season, Hamelin won the Rookie of the Year award, and seemed destined to be a power source for the Royals for years to come.

Alas, that would not prove to be the case. Hamelin struggled mightily in 1995 and was released by the Royals after Spring Training in 1997. He latched on with the Tigers, where he would have one more solid year before leaving the majors after the following year, never to return. Yet, he gave us plenty of memories, such as his classic baseball cards and his love of food.

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After his baseball career, Bob Hamelin just faded away, coming up occasionally when one talks about players who had that one great rookie season and were unable to replicate that success. Fortunately, Hamelin has come back into the public eye, starting his own Twitter account. While he has tweeted all of five times in the week the account has been active, it is exactly what one would expect.

Naturally, food has been one of the topics he has mentioned. It seems that, in the past twenty years, not much has changed with Hamelin, although he does have some solid items to trade for any sandwiches you may have laying about.

And we have all been in this place, just like Hamelin:

Sometimes, the world has a void that we do not even know was there until it has been filled. Bob Hamelin being on Twitter was one such void. It is early on in his Twitter career, but he already looks like a future star on the site. Hopefully, he will keep us entertained for years to come!

And maybe, when he gets back on Twitter, he can let me know if that offer of his Rookie of the Year award for the meatball sub still stands.