Royals World Series Considered Better than World Peace


Last year, the Kansas City Royals cam ever so close to capping off an improbable season with an even more improbable run through the playoffs and a World Series title. In all honesty, all that stood between the Royals and that second crown as one single pitcher. As my own personal Voldemort, he shall remain He Who Must Not Be Named.

Naturally, that playoff run has only whetted the appetite for continued success amongst the Royals faithful. Royals fans what that championship badly. Coming that close has only served to make us every more hungry for success.

Who much do we want that title? Well, the Kansas City Star is running a poll right now where you can vote on what event you would most want to see in 2015. There are choices for each professional and college team, along with World Peace and the ever popular other option. Given these choices, it would seem as though there is one obvious option to pick.

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Indeed, the results are not even close. As of the writing of this article (it’s 7:35PM on Saturday on the East Coast) the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series is in the lead by a wide margin, with 69% of the vote. Second in the voting is world peace with 6%. Yes, the Royals winning the World Series is considered a more favorable event to occur in 2015 than world peace.

The voters may just be voting on what is more likely. The Royals have certainly done a wonderful job of filling their holes this offseason, getting Alex Rios, Kendrys Morales and Edinson Volquez, and appear to be even better than they were last year. World peace, while an excellent goal to shoot towards, just does not seem as feasible. The Royals winning the World Series, however, could occur.

Feel free to head over to the poll and vote! Maybe the Royals can extend their lead even more!