Happy Holidays from Kings of Kauffman


Once again, it is Christmas time. A time to be spent with friends, family and loved ones while celebrating the season. It is also a time to avoid that strange aunt of uncle that smells of cheap booze, mothballs and cat, staggering around demanding a hug and yelling about their latest alien abduction. Or maybe that is just my family.

Anyway, it is a day for family and for spending time with others. It is a day for good cheer and joy. Maybe a part of that joy can involve watching some replays of Royals games, especially their march through the postseason and their amazing comeback in the Wild Card Game.

At least, that is how we plan on celebrating the holiday here. Any Royals related news will be there tomorrow, and we will certainly do our part to break down any moves and give our thoughts and analysis as to what happened and what it means going forward. But that will be for another day.

For today, on behalf of my co-editor Hunter and the rest of the staff, I want to wish you all a healthy and happy holidays! May your day be joyful and stress free, where you can stay a room or two away from that strange relative. Unless, of course, they offer to share of that hooch.