Dayton Moore Had a Plan After All


For much of the offseason, it appeared as though the Royals were letting the rest of the American League Central pass them by. The Chicago White Sox seemingly imported everyone possible upgrade to their roster. The Twins brought in Ervin Santana. Even the Tigers and Indians were not standing still, as they looked to upgrade their rosters.

Dayton Moore and the Royals? Well, until last week, their biggest moves were to fortify the bullpen by resigning Luke Hochevar and Jason Frasor. It appeared as though the Royals were simply hoping for four solid innings from their starters, and were going to hand the game over to a bullpen that should have been even stronger than last season. As great of a strategy as that may have been for the playoffs, it likely would not have worked in the regular season.

However, Moore obviously had a plan of attack. Instead of going out and forcing the issue, bringing in players at more than the market would bear for that type of pitcher, Moore waited. His patience was rewarded, as he filled the Royals need for a power bat, bringing in both Kendrys Morales and Alex Rios. While they may not have been the best players last season, there is certainly reason to hope for a bounce back 2015 campaign.

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  • That same patience has allowed Dayton Moore to help fill out the rotation. After seeing pitchers such as Justin Masterson, Ervin Santana and Brett Anderson fly off the shelves, Moore brought in Edinson Volquez at a reasonable two year, $20 Million contract. Again, Volquez may not be the most exciting name in free agency; however, should he be able to harness his stuff through working with Dave Eiland, he could prove to be a bargain.

    Perhaps, instead of just looking through scouting reports from the 2012 season, Moore truly had a plan. He sat back, and let the market come to him. Instead of panicking after players who would have seemingly fit well in Kansas City came off the board, Moore stuck with his strategy, and it appears to have paid off quite well.

    It feels as though Dayton Moore and the Royals are not done yet. Perhaps another move or two are coming, as the Royals relief corps is certainly the envy of baseball. Yet, we do know one thing – that Dayton Moore will wait for the right deal to come to him, just as he has done this offseason.