Royals Dodged a Torii Hunter Sized Bullet


Of all the holes that the Kansas City Royals are attempting to fill, right field may loom the largest. With that spot being open, it is thought that the Royals could add an impact bat to the middle of the lineup while finding an outfielder, metaphorically killing two birds with one stone. The problem is, finding a player that fits both categories while remaining within the Royals budget may be difficult.

With that in mind, one of the players the Royals were initially linked to was Torii Hunter. Hunter certainly put together a solid season last year for the Tigers, posting a .286/.319/.446 batting line with 17 home runs. However, his fielding was embarrassingly awful, costing the Tigers 18 runs. Also, Hunter is going to be 40 midway through next season. As Hunter (co-editor, not player) said a couple days back, Hunter (Torii) is facing a battle against time, and one he is not likely to win.

Fortunately, that is one concern the Royals will not have in 2015. Instead of signing with the Royals, Torii Hunter went back to the Minnesota Twins on a one year deal worth $10.5 Million. Now, Hunter may get to have that final chapter of his career play out where everything first started for him. Who says you can’t go home again?

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  • While that decision may make for a heart warming final chapter in Hunter’s career, chances are it will not end well for the Twins. Unless Hunter has found the Barry Bonds Fountain of Creme and Clear….I mean, Fountain of Youth, the end to his career may turn out to be a dive off a cliff instead of a gradual fade into retirement. $10.5 Million is a lot of money to pay for past performances and one final chapter, even if the Torii Hunter Farewell Tour will bring fans to the ballpark.

    Now, the Royals can take that money they may have earmarked for Torii Hunter and find a better fit for their outfield. Since Nick Markakis received a four year deal worth $44 Million from the Atlanta Braves, it seems as though that price range can bring in some solid talent. Would players like Colby Rasmus, Melky Cabrera or Mike Morse be enticed to come to Kansas City for that type of contract?

    The Royals have dodged a s225 pound, 39 year old bullet named Torii Hunter. Hopefully, they will not have another near miss in free agency.