Royals Links: Raul Mondesi, Right-Handed Power, David Glass, & More


Blue Rocks shortstop Raul Mondesi at the plate on April 13, 2014 against W-S (Jen Nevius).

We are just one day away from Thanksgiving, and Dayton Moore has yet to make a major move (unless you count Reymond Fuentes). I’m not sure if it’s because the Royals simply haven’t been able to get something done, or if they’ve been more patient, waiting for the market to develop, but whatever the reason, it’s a deviation from this front office’s methods in previous offseasons.

Not that waiting the market out some isn’t a bad idea, of course. It’s just different. And this isn’t a complaint, either. As long as the Royals bring in the best players they can acquire, fans won’t care if the move is made in November or February. Let’s get to a some links from around the web in the last few days.

– Jeffrey Flanagan notes in his latest article at FOX Sports Kansas City that despite a poor statistical showing in the Arizona Fall League, Royals’ top prospect Raul Mondesi impressed just about everyone who watched him. Scouts love his defense, and think he has some power potential as well. The plate discipline isn’t there, but at 19 years old, Mondesi has plenty of time to develop. He’ll start next year back at High-A Wilmington, along with Bubba Starling.

More from KC Royals News

Pine Tar Press’ David Lesky identifies a few potential trade targets for the Royals as they continue to look for power from the right side of the plate. The Red Sox, Dodgers, and Braves have multiple options who may be available, although the cost to acquire some of those bats could be quite high. Still, it seems like free agent prices are going to end up higher than the Royals are comfortable paying, so perhaps a trade is the best way to go.

Nicholas Minnix of FanGraphs took a look at Lorenzo Cain‘s season from a fantasy baseball standpoint, and even though he exceeded pretty much everyone’s expectation, the Royals’ center fielder may see some regression next year. While I think Cain can sustain an above average BABIP, Minnix doesn’t see enough in the rest of Cain’s numbers to suggest he will be able to duplicate this year’s production.

– At Royals Review, Max Rieper wonders if David Glass is one of the ten worst owners in sports, as suggested by a recent article in Rolling Stone magazine. While it’s true Glass has a spotty history, he’s been no “worse” than any other small-market owner in the last few years, particularly since Dayton Moore came aboard, as Rieper correctly points out.

The Boston Globe’s Chad Finn has a fascinating piece on the way that Twitter has impacted the way baseball is covered in the media. Guys who have been covering the sport for decades have had to adapt their methods of communication so they are always available to break the latest news at any given moment.