Chris Getz is Returning to the Royals


When Chris Getz decided to call it a career last summer, retiring after the Toronto Blue Jays sought to send him back to AAA. It was expected that, almost the moment that Getz retired, Dayton Moore would be on the phone, talking to him about a role somewhere within the organization. After all, that scrappy little player who built a major league career despite not having any close to elite skills could end up as a solid coach or manager some day.

Sure enough, the Royals did come calling. And now, Getz is back in the organization, accepting a job to be a part of the Royals player personnel and development department.

"“They offered me a position that was ideal and would expose me to the other side of the game, in all areas,” Getz said."

This position certainly appears as though it would be perfect for Chris Getz. Not blessed with the most skill or blazing speed or the ability to drive the ball for any real power, Getz still managed to post a career a .250/.307/.305 batting line, stealing 89 bases in 107 attempts. Getz was, pure and simple, a ball player who played the game hard and played the right way.

It may be that Getz will be able to impart that hard work and dedication to the Royals minor leaguers. Even if they are not the most naturally talented players in the system or on the team, they can look at Getz and see that he had a major league career. In turn, Getz can teach the minor leaguers to play the game the right way.

Chris Getz, during his career, appeared to be the type of player who could be a future coach or manager, or perhaps a roving instructor in the minor leagues. Now, Getz is fulfilling that destiny.