Royals 2014 FanSided Faux-Winter Meetings Update

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Quentin celebrates upon learning that he is being sent to a contending team, leaving the void that is San Diego. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Two: John Lamb and Cody Reed to the Padres for Carlos Quentin

To be honest, I am not overly enamored with any of the potential options to play right field that are available in free agency. Likewise, most of the right fielders that could be available were flawed players, with Quentin potentially being the best of the group. With the Padres not asking for much, this seemed to be a worthwhile move.

In Carlos Quentin, the Royals do get a player that has battled injuries over the past three seasons, culminating with a disastrous 2014 where he hit at a .177/.284/.315 rate with four home runs in 155 plate appearances. Given that Quentin has never played in more than 131 games in any season, and has not topped 100 games since 2011, he would appear to be quite the gamble with another $8 Million, plus either a $10 Million option or a $3 Million buyout, over the next two years.

However, Quentin, if healthy, could be the piece the Royals need. he has proven that he can hit for power, as he still managed to hit for a combined 29 home runs over the 2012 and 2013 seasons, despite playing half of his 168 games in San Diego. Quentin also puts the bat on the ball extremely well for a power bat, striking out only 516 times in 3247 plate appearances. With Billy Butler having departed via free agency, and the Royals ability to play Jarrod Dyson against righties, Quentin could get a decent amount of time as the Royals designated hitter, reducing his time in the outfield, and hopefully keeping him healthy.

Yes, John Lamb appeared to rebound nicely in 2014, as he posted a 3.97 ERA and struck out 131 batters in 138 innings last season in AAA. However, Lamb also had a 1.482 WHiP, despite having a lower than league average batting average against. Did he really progress as much as his numbers make it look?

Cody Reed, meanwhile, was just another arm for the Padres to speculate with. Last season for the Lexington legends, Reed posted a 3-9 record with a 5.46 ERA and a 1.679 WHiP. To me, he appears to be minor league filler. His inclusion was not an issue.