Royals 2014 FanSided Faux-Winter Meetings Update

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A couple of days back, we introduced the FanSided Faux GM Meetings for the 2014 Hot Stove season. Presently, we are entering the fourth day of this event, and there have been quite a few moves that have happened.

The Kansas City Royals certainly have not been silent in this simulation. In my role as the Royals General Manager, I have made several moves, which may or may not prove to be better than those that Dayton Moore will make in real life. After all, I have quite the track record in fantasy baseball and in playing the Baseball Mogul game series. I like my odds!

Facing off against the editors and writers of other sites, I have set out to build a roster for the 2015 season that would keep the Royals somewhere between the $90 to $95 Million mark. While we had the ability to increase payroll by up to 20% in this simulation, I felt it best to put the Royals at close to last season’s payroll, since that may mimic reality more than increasing payroll to over $100 Million.

There are still a few days left for this event, and the Royals have two offers outstanding which we will discuss later in the slide show. For now, this is what the 2015 simulated Kansas City Royals would look like, at least if I was to run the team.