Ned Yost Deserves a Contract Extension


I realize that, given the general criticism that I have given Ned Yost at every potential turn, this article would seem thoroughly unexpected. After all, towards the end of July, I wrote about how Yost deserved to be fired, given the Royals poor performance and his comments that he was “only a fan” once the game began. His comments and hands off mindset just did not seem as though they could be conducive to getting the Royals where they deserved to be.

Then, something strange happened – the Royals went off on another second half surge, much like they did in 2013. This time, that surge was enough to propel the Royals into the postseason, where they finished one game away from winning the World Series.

Now, Ned Yost, who became the longest tenured manager in Royals history last year, is about to enter the second year of the two year extension he signed at the end of the 2013 season. As of this point, Dayton Moore and the Royals have yet to engage in extension talks with Yost, as Moore says that the Royals are “focused on other things.”

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  • And now, for the words that I never expected to type: Yost deserves an extension. While the Royals and Moore have other things to be concerned about, such as finding another starting pitcher and a right fielder, the fact remains that Yost has taken the Royals further than could be expected. Part of that is due to an excellent coaching staff, including two former managers and one of the best pitching coaches in the game, but Yost is still the mastermind of the staff.

    It may simply be a matter of time before the Royals give Ned Yost his extension, as it seems highly unlikely that he will enter the 2015 season in the final year of his contract. And yes, Moore is correct in that the Royals do have pressing concerns. However, exactly how long would it take to extend Yost? It would seem as though the Royals and their manager should be able to iron out the details fairly easily.

    Ned Yost is the right manager for the Royals. Now, it is just a matter of time before they lock him up long term.