Kansas City Royals Free Agency Primer

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In all actuality, there are very few holes that the Royals need to fill. It may even be that most of these holes could be filled internally, allowing the Royals to potentially be players in free agency. The Kansas City Royals, compared to other teams, have very few holes to fill.

Should the Royals increase their payroll this season, they may be able to find those upgrades needed. With Dayton Moore’s ability to locate relief pitching, the biggest areas of need may be in the rotation and in right field. Perhaps a backup catcher could be added to that list as well, allowing Salvador Perez to spend more time as the Royals designated hitter, just to protect him from the wear of all of those innings behind the plate.

With the Detroit Tigers still in need of a bullpen, and potentially losing Victor Martinez and Hunter, the Royals may be in excellent shape to make a return to the postseason. The first step to making this past year more than just a one time happening begins later today.

Perhaps more than any offseason in the past 29 years, the Kansas City Royals decisions to strengthen their roster will come under intense scrutiny. Yet, this is truly the way the the Royals, and their fans, would want things to be.