Royals Fans Becoming Renowned for Their Friendliness


Outside of the San Francisco area, it seemed as though the vast majority of the country was pulling for the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. It may have partially been due to a general fatigue involving the Giants, as they had been to two of the previous four World Series, or the desire to root on that plucky team that could. While the playoffs did not end as we would have hoped, the Royals speed and defense style of baseball, perhaps the closest that can be presently found to baseball at it’s purest form, may have won over a few new fans.

The atmosphere in Kansas City and Kauffman Stadium did win over a new fan of the area as well. John Pritzker, a Giants fan and the billionaire heir of Hyatt Hotels, was in Kansas City for Game Six of the World Series. Normally, one would expect that by wearing Giants gear at such a blowout would have felt welcome.

However, that was not the case. Pritzker wrote a letter to the Kansas City Star, detailing his experience in Kansas City before and during that game. Not only was he impressed by the generosity of  the Royals fans who offered to purchase him a beer as an out of town Giants fan, but the very friendliness of the people in the area, and at Kauffman Stadium in particular, were enough to have him consider a move to the Kansas City area. This letter has since gone viral, bringing the friendly and generous nature of Royals fans to the forefront.

It is completely understandable why Pritzker would feel that way. Despite not living anywhere near Kansas City, I made a trek out that way five years ago to see the Royals play at Kauffman Stadium and to see the area. The people everywhere were incredibly friendly and helpful, a dramatic difference to the way people are hear in southern New England. Even being on Royals message boards, and seeing the reaction when fans of opposing teams come in to talk, that friendliness shines through.

The Royals may not have earned a new fan of the team, but the Kansas City area has certainly earned a fan in John Pritzker.