Triple Play Podcast: Royals World Series Recap, Joe Maddon, Billy Butler


After a brief hiatus for the World Series, the Triple Play Podcast is back to break down everything that happened in the Fall Classic. Ok, so not everything, but Reese, Matt, and I reviewed what capped off a memorable postseason for the Royals.

Before we got to that, though, we talked about the first relatively major trade of the offseason, as the Brewers acquired Adam Lind from the Blue Jays in exchange for Marco Estrada. Both teams got something they were wanting, so it has a chance to work out for everyone involved. We also talked about Joe Maddon leaving the Rays to become the new manager of the Cubs, and how significant that move is.

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From there, we dove right into Madison Bumgarner‘s masterpiece: the World Series. What the Giants’ lefty did was simply incredible, and yet, the Royals still were 90 feet away from sending the seventh game into extra innings. There were so many terrific moments, so we spent some time discussing all that we’ll be taking away from the Royals’ magical run through the playoffs.

Finally, we talked about Billy Butler‘s 2015 option being declined, what his market in free agency looks like, and what that could mean for a potential return to the Royals.

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