Kansas City Royals Halloween Costume Ideas


Ah, Halloween! The one time of year where it is acceptable to wear a mask and demand items, in this case, chocolates, from people’s houses without running the risk of being arrested. The one night a year where being frightened by random strangers is par for the course, instead of a sign that one is in desperate need of increasing their medication.

It is even possible to bring the Kansas City Royals into your Halloween experience. After this postseason run, maybe you or your kid want to dress up as one of the players. Who wouldn’t mind seeing a small Billy Butler or Alex Gordon coming down the walkway? Have two kids? Maybe dress them up as the Royals devastating bullpen duo of Wade Davis and Greg Holland. Just make sure to get that beard drawn on.

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Likewise, there are definitely quite a few options out there to truly frighten your fellow Royals fans. Almost anything from the Dark Ages of Royals history (essentially the era post Ewing Kauffman through last year) would work. Imagine finding a way to dress up as Bob Hamelin‘s waistline, or Ken Harvey‘s back. Or, if we really want to bring back the horrors of yesteryear, just find an old Yuniesky Betancourt jersey.

Yet, if real, unadulterated terror is what you are after, then the best way to get that is, unfortunately, to go outside of the Kansas City Royals organization. As we learned over the past week, there is really one person who terrifies both the Royals fanbase and the players simultaneously – Madison Bumgarner.

But does anyone really want to run the risk of dressing up like Bumgarner? While such a costume would hit the terror aspect, does anyone really want to dodge the rocks, broken bottles and other miscellaneous debris that could be hurled in one’s direction? That just doesn’t sound like fun at all.

There are plenty of options out there to put together a Kansas City Royals themed Halloween costume. Just because the playoffs are over, that does not mean Blue October has to come to an end just yet.