How The Royals Win Part 3 Of The World Series


Thank God the Royals are back in Kansas City, and Ned Yost can get back into his American League comfort zone.  As we all know, the Royals went 1-2 in San Francisco.  They scratched out one win and were blown out in 2 losses.  The excruciating loss of the Series, so far, was Game 4.  The Royals handed Jason Vargas a 4-1 lead, and he couldn’t get through 5 innings.  That’s the true headline of last weekend’s games, even though Ned did his best to become the big story.  Maybe Ned really is the ultimate players coach.  Vargas completely blew a golden opportunity to break the series open, but all anyone is talking about is Ned.

While playing in San Francisco, Jason Nix saw 2 at bats, Kelvin Herrera saw 1 at bat, and Billy Butler was granted only 1 plate appearance.  Josh Willingham never saw the field.  Yost deserved some credit for trying Dyson against the righties in Games 3 and 4, but flushed those kudos down the hooper by starting Dyson against Madison Bumgarner.  In that same game, Yost pulled of an inexplicable double switch that managed to gas Kelvin Herrera, and give a critical at bat to Jayson Nix while trailing.  He also ignored Danny Duffy‘s trend of needing a few batters to get locked in, and put him in the game with action on the base paths.  These are not arm chair managerial complaints, these are moves you are cursing as they unfold on television.  But all that said, that’s not why they dropped 2 of 3 to San Francisco.  The dropped 2 of 3 because the starting pitching either didn’t get it done, or just couldn’t keep up.  Vargas blowing his opportunity, and Shields just not able to punch with World Series Legend,  Madison Bumgarner.

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The weekend also could have been better if Royals lefties, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and especially Alex Gordonhit better.  Those lefties should have ample opportunity against Jake Peavy in Game 6 tonight, and so will Billy Butler.  Ned Yost will be back in his comfort zone, so his brain cramping opportunities will be curtailed.  So, here is the the big question.  How do the Royals win Game 6 and Game 7, thus winning the World Series?

For starters, history and gambling are on their side.  In the last 25 Game 6 and Game 7 contests, the home team has won 22 times.  That’s a ridiculous number.  Why should the Royals be the outliers on such a lopsided figure?  The K offers an excellent home field advantage, and the starting pitching match ups both slightly favor KC.  Vegas likes the Royals in each individual match up, but not to win both games.  When I look at how Vegas feels about the individual game match ups, and then add that crazy 22-3 stat, I like the Royals.

The other main reason to feel good about KC, once again, is starting pitching.  Yordano Ventura probably has to do something no starter has done for the Royals this series.  He needs to pitch through the 6th inning.  Does anyone really want to see Kelvin Herrera pitch more than one inning in Game 6?  Do you think Brandon Finnegan is the right guy to spell Ventura in a wobbly 5th?  Me neither.  Unless the Royals absolutely crush Peavy tonight, their young hurler needs to pitch through the 6th inning, and pitch well.  I think he needs to come out dominant, energize the crowd, and reinstall some swagger in a team that got it’s ass handed to them in San Francisco.  I think he will.  I also think the Royals will score more than 4 runs, and get back to playing excellent defense.  Royals take Game 6 by a score of 6-4.

That brings Game 7 to Kansas City.  Emotions will be running high, and it will be “all hands on deck”.  The Giants may throw Madison Bumgarner at the Royals.  Tim Hudson is their scheduled starter.  Sung-Woo may do a fly over on his unicorn.  It will be crazy, with one exception.  Jeremy Guthrie.  The Royals will have, as of now, their most reliable and stable starter on the bump for Game 7.  Jeremy Guthrie.  Guthrie has the perfect mental make up for this scenario, and the perfect stuff for Kauffman Stadium.  Guthrie will see Ventura’s Game 6 performance and raise him an inning or two.  Blue tears of joy will flood the Plaza.  The Royals will triumph 3-1, winning the 2014 World Series.  Your 2014 World Series MVP?  Jeremy Guthrie.

Have fun tonight friends.  This has been an amazing month.  Watch this game with someone you love, and enjoy every pitch.  Go Royals.