Lorenzo Cain Turned the Postseason into his Coming Out Party


The playoffs have been a general coming out party for the Kansas City Royals. The nation has learned what we have known all year, that these Royals play an entertaining brand of baseball based on speed and contact. Their bullpen, particularly the trio of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland may be the best in baseball. The Royals defense is such that they can seemingly catch anything even remotely close to the field of play, as Mike Moustakas proved when he went into the stands to catch Adam Jones‘ foul ball. Then, there are the exploits of Lorenzo Cain this postseason.

Cain, named the American League Championship Series MVP, has truly had a coming out party of his own. While Cain had a solid regular season, posting a .301/.339/.412 batting line, stealing 28 bases while hitting 29 doubles, he slipped under the radar nationally. Yes, Cain would appear periodically on highlight reels for his amazing defense in center or right, yet for most baseball fans, he would have been difficult to pick out of a lineup.

That has now changed. After hitting .533/.588/.667 during the ALCS to help lead the Royals to the World Series, Lorenzo Cain has become one of the hottest players in baseball. Yet, his performance goes beyond what he did in the batter’s box for the Royals. Cain seemingly made amazing play after amazing play during the playoffs, making extraordinary catches seem routine.

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  • Cain is no longer a secret shared by us Royals fans. Now, the rest of the world has seen that he essentially covers the 1/3 of the planet not covered in water. Cain’s defensive wizardry and ability to get an amazing break on the ball has become the stuff of legends, his defense rivaling the best outfields in the game today.

    It is rare for a player to become known strictly for his defensive acumen. Typically, it takes a truly special player, such as Ozzie Smith or Omar Vizquel, to become known for their value with the glove. Alex Gordon has earned a well deserved reputation as having one of, if not the best, arms in baseball. Now, Lorenzo Cain has taken his place amongst that group.

    The Kansas City Royals have taken the baseball world by storm. In doing so, they just so happened to set the stage for Lorenzo Cain’s coming out party.