Mike Moustakas Makes the Play of the Postseason – For Now


The Kansas City Royals have made defense come back into vogue. Seemingly every game during the playoffs, the Royals have made one spectacular play after another as they have continued their march through the postseason. Lorenzo Cain has become a staple on the highlight shows as he has chased down virtually everything in the outfield. Alex Gordon keeps baserunners from thinking about taking the extra base just by approaching the ball. Alcides Escobar has made the extraordinary appear routine. Yet, Mike Moustakas outdid them all last night, making what may be the defining defensive play of the postseason.

It all began when Adam Jones had a 0-1 count. Jason Frasor then got Jones to pop up foul to the third base side, a ball that appeared destined to fall out of play. However, there was Moustakas, ranging over and leaning over the railing to try to pull the ball back for the out. Instead of having a potential Steve Bartman situation, the fans in that field level suite stayed back, watching as Moustakas kept reaching out for the ball.

Then, as he tumbled into the stands, he caught it. Similar to the infamous Derek Jeter play when he went into the stands to catch a foul ball, Mike Moustakas tumbled in head first, the ball securely in his glove for the out. As the fans helped Moustakas back to the field to the delight of the roaring crowd, it seemed as though it was just a matter of time before the Royals took the lead in the game.

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Reds GM Nick Krall's comments about Mike Moustakas speak volumes
Reds GM Nick Krall's comments about Mike Moustakas speak volumes /

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  • The look of disbelief on Jones’ face as he headed back to the dugout said virtually everything that the Orioles had to be thinking at that point. There is no place on the field where it is safe to hit a ball, because the Royals defense covers enough territory to make the Northeast Greenland National Park play like a patch of dirt. Now, it seems as though even putting the ball into the seats is not enough.

    During his offensive slump at the start of the season, the continuing dialogue was that Mike Moustakas remained in the lineup due to his defense. His bat started to come to life in the second half, and Moustakas had been the only member of the Royals with a hit in their first seven postseason games. While Moustakas saw his hitting streak end last night, his defense certainly made an impact on the game. In fact, that catch may have been the final nail in the Orioles coffin.

    Mike Moustakas had made the play of the postseason for the Royals. Let us see how long it takes until someone else on the Royals manages to top it.