Mike Moustakas is becoming a postseason legend


The postseason is a place where legends are born. Reggie Jackson would still be a Hall of Fame player, but his postseason heroics, earning him the nickname “Mr. October,” made him legendary. Players such as Bucky Dent, Buddy Biancalana and David Freese are remembered mostly due to their October exploits. Now, right before our eyes, Mike Moustakas may be about to add his name to this list.

Moustakas certainly appears to be on his way, as his list of postseason heroics just continues to increase with each game. Though six playoff games, Moustakas has produced a .318/.348/.864 batting line, slugging four home runs, including two game winnings extra inning shots. Not only has Moustakas gotten a hit in each of his playoff games, but he has homered in the past three as well. Moustakas’ hot bat has certainly been a major reason as to why the Royals have won their first six playoff matches.

This is the type of production that the Royals have been waiting for with Mike Moustakas. We all know the story of how he was a highly touted power hitter, one of the top prospects in baseball and was expected to end the Royals power woes. We all know how Moustakas struggled at the start of the season, to the point where he was sent down to Omaha for ten days, in an attempt to get his swing back.

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There's still no guarantee that Mike Moustakas will be on the Reds roster in 2023
There's still no guarantee that Mike Moustakas will be on the Reds roster in 2023 /

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  • Now, none of that matters. Moustakas is white hot at the plate, hitting the ball the other way while driving the ball for power on those pitches that he does pull. The defensive shifts no longer seem to matter, with Moustakas looking closer to a complete hitter than he has at any point during his tenure with the Royals. This transformation has truly come at the right time.

    The postseason can be a springboard for greater things. Look at how Francisco Rodriguez and David Price used their postseason experience as a launching pad for their careers. Although Mike Moustakas may not be a rookie as those two were, he is still only 26 years old. As he is about to enter his theoretical prime, this taste of success may be exactly what he needed. Here, on the biggest stage, Moustakas may be blossoming before our eyes.

    There is still a lot of baseball yet to be played, but Mike Moustakas may be a playoff legend in the making.