Clayton Mortensen’s son, Miles, needs our support


Now is a time of celebration in Royals Land. The Royals are in the American League Championship Series, and the city and fans are gripped with playoff baseball. Finally, after all these years, the Royals are back in the postseason, and are putting the baseball world on notice.

However, for Clayton Mortensen and his family, there have been other things on their mind. Fresh off winning the AAA National Championship with the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Mortensen’s two year old son, Miles, was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma. According to the May Clinic, Nueroblastoma is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells and can occur in several areas of the body, and commonly occurs in children under five years of age.

Miles originally headed to the emergency room due to a fever and stomach pain, where it was discovered that he has a large tumor near his kidney. Tests showed that the main tumor is near his adrenal gland, and at the size of a softball, is wrapped around the aorta, making the tumor unable to be removed by surgery. Currently battling the most aggressive form of this cancer, Miles has a 40% to 60% chance of survival.

At this point, Miles is presently undergoing chemotherapy treatments, and had his first dose on Thursday. His first round of chemotherapy is expected to conclude on Tuesday, and if everything goes well, Miles will be able to return home that day.

To support Miles, and the Mortensen’s, in their fight against Neuroblastoma, the Mortensen’s have created a Facebook page. Give the page a like, and share it in support of Miles and the Mortensens.

A member of our Royals family needs all the positive thoughts and support he can get. Let’s support Miles and the Mortensen family by keeping them in our minds, and sending all the positive thoughts and support we can during this difficult time.