Candidates to throw out the first pitch for the Royals

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Dayton Moore

The general manager of the Kansas City Royals, Dayton Moore has taken his share of criticism. His constant preaching of patience, his slavery to The Process and the trades he made have opened him up to a fair level of critique, most of which has not been favorable.

Now, Moore has the last laugh. His moves to sign Jason Vargas, to trade Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi for James Shields and Wade Davis and his insistence that Ned Yost is the right manager to bring the Royals back to the postseason were cause of derision. As it turns out, Moore staying the course and having confidence in the team he put together was the correct path to take.

As such, you could forgive Dayton Moore if the thought of throwing out the first pitch would have crossed his mind. To take the mound before the Wild Card game and to soak up the adulation of the crowd before the biggest game in the last 29 years for the Royals. Yet, doing so would be quite out of character for Moore.

Moore may well deserve to take his moment in the sun before the start of the Wild Card game, but there are better options as well. Options such as….