Royals Fans…It’s Finally “Our Time”


Big night tonight eh?  Huge night if the Mariners lose this afternoon.  Royals fans, there is something to be said of loyalty.  We are finally going to be rewarded for ours.

Big Game James is on the bump tonight, and won’t it be perfect if he gets the win that sends KC to the play-offs?  The main-man behind “the trade”, can finish what Dayton Moore started eight long seasons ago.

The Mariners collapsed.  The Royal’s, baring an epic melt-down, will play the A’s in the Wild Card.  The A’s are on life support, so even that Wild Card birth seems to almost promise an appearance in the ALDS.  Things are just breaking the Royals way.

While I wish the Royals had enjoyed more success over the last 30 years, there is something oddly pleasurable about loving something that has been so bad.  Fans of perennial winners probably can’t relate to the pride we have.  At first glance, they probably don’t understand our unconditional allegiance to a team, an organization, so utterly flawed.  If you have ever been a distance runner, you know what this feels like.  If you have ever closed a sale that took years to process, you know what it feels like. One could call it huckster, mid-west stubbornness.  One could call it masochistic.  One could even call it mildly fatalistic.  We call it loyalty.  Hell, I call it love.

Last weekend I flew back home and caught the last home game of the year with my Dad.  I wish the Royals had won more than one game, but am so grateful I saw the one they did.  Tonight the Royals play in Chicago with a chance to clinch a play-off spot, and I am going with my brother and a life-long friend.  Regardless of the outcome, things are just breaking the right way.