Royals Fans..The Wild Card is Worth Celebrating


The huge Royals/Tigers series didn’t go like we wanted. It’s safe, and smart, to say that series ended their chances for the American League Central crown. You know what? Who cares?

That’s right. Get over it. I didn’t like the bunting, the Raul Ibanez professional at-bat, or the brain farts squeaked by several players either. But you know what? The Royals are contending for a post season appearance for the first time in 29 years, and I am not going to let them make me not enjoy it.

Seriously, the Tigers are the better team, and deserve the Central. The Royals are a Wild-Card poster child. They are a bunch of scrappy guys who have never seen real success, just trying to make good. And they are our guys.

We haven’t had a week of baseball like this in front of us in so long. Let’s celebrate it’s success, if it does end in success. And it will.

I know Cleveland has beaten us like a war drum this year . I know they have a much better manager. I know they are also playing for their post-season lives. You know what? I don’t care. I don’t care because Danny Duffy is back tonight and is going to kick their ass. He just slammed three cans of red-bull, and he’s gonna deal. The Royals are going to win the first game, the first real game, of this series.  Then they just need to split the next two.

The Royals are then going to my town, Chicago, and are going against a beyond beaten down, Chris Sale-less White Sox squad. I’ll enjoy watching those in person, and seeing them qualify for the post season.

Don’t forget, the Oakland A’s have a responsibility. They need to finish off one the epic collapses of the modern era. No way they don’t complete this disgusting masterpiece.

The Marines? They hit even worse than the Royals do. Don’t look for them to have a winning week either.

Guys, it’s been too long, so let’s move on. The Royals begin their march to the post season tonight with Danny Duffy. Let’s celebrate this, and look forward to no longer being the North American team with the longest post season drought. It stops this week.

Go Royals!