Royals Fan Gets to Ask Ned Yost a Question


If you had the chance to ask Ned Yost a question during a press conference, and actually have him answer it in a non-condescending way, what would you ask? Well, one fan managed to have that very experience Thursday night following the Royals 6-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox.

The unnamed fan apparently wandered into the post game press conference last night, where he assembled media had gathered to ask routine questions to which Yost would give his routine answers. Only this time, in the middle of the questioning, the random fan asked Yost about Billy Butler‘s extended absence from the lineup.

"“Whaddya think about Willingham and Butler? Why ain’t Butler in there? You like Willingham for now better or …” the fan asked."

To his credit, Ned Yost actually answered the question. After laughing for a bit, he explained that he felt Josh Willingham was doing a better job at the plate, but that Butler would return the next day. Sure enough, last night found Butler back in the lineup, hitting in the cleanup spot.

Yost even had a bit of fun with the question and the interruption, calling the interloper a fan of his.

"“That’s one of my fans, right there,” Yost said with a smile. “They want to know why Billy’s not playing. It’s one of the ones that love me so passionately.”"

If nothing else, it seems as though Ned Yost is aware of how he is perceived by the fans, and realizes that he is not exactly beloved by the rank and file. He has a knack for seemingly saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and his seemingly clueless demeanor during games does not exactly inspire confidence. Yet, moves like this one from the other night may help to build that sort of connection with the fans.

Yost has been the most successful Royals manager in the past twenty years. He may end up being the man to lead the Royals back to the postseason. However, despite how much we may want to accept and even like the manager, he has made it difficult to do so. Perhaps this interaction will help to lead Yost to realize that yes, the fans are passionate, and really just want to know why certain moves were made.

Maybe the other day will usher in a new era of respect and understanding between Ned Yost and the fanbase. If nothing else, taking the time to answer the question and show some humor cannot hurt.