“Big Game” James Shields Gets Yet Another Big Start


Save us James Shields – you’re our only hope!

Star Wars reference aside, this is why the Royals brought in James Shields. Given the nickname “Big Game,” Shields is one of the few players that has been through the rigors of a playoff push. During his time with the Tampa Bay Rays, Shields went through a postseason push seemingly every year, as he and David Price helped push the small market Rays to the playoffs.

Now, it is time for Shields to prove why he has that “Big Game” moniker to the Royals. Matching up against Rick Porcello, and with the Royals in desperate need of a victory to keep their lead in the American League Central, Shields will get his latest opportunity to prove his value to the team.

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  • James Shields has certainly done his part over the past month and a half. Even with his rough outing against the Yankees on the 25th of August, Shields has posted a 4-2 record with a 2.25 ERA and a 1.031 WHiP, striking out 43 in his last 64 innings. The ace of the Royals staff, Shields has stepped up during a point when the pressure has been on high.

    Tonight, the Royals find themselves once again on the national stage, a place where they have not fared well thus far. With first place on the line, they turn to Shields, the veteran pitcher that they acquired for situations just like this. Shields has been able to deliver in the past, and has delivered, for the most part, over the past month and a half. Will he be able to do so again?

    The Royals certainly hope so. Even though they have eleven games left against the woeful Red Sox and White Sox, the Royals still have series left against the Tigers and Indians. They need the victory tonight. They need James Shields.

    Tonight may be the biggest game of the season for the Royals. Hopefully, “Big Game” James Shields can step up once again.