Kings of Kauffman Presents: Royals Minor League Awards

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With the exception of Triple-A Omaha, the season is over for the Royals’ minor league affiliates. The Storm Chasers are just a win away from their fourth consecutive Pacific Coast League Championship Series, which is incredibly impressive when you consider how much turnover a minor league team will go through in just a single season’s time, let alone four. Rather than wait for those playoffs to be over, we here at Kings of Kauffman decided to go ahead and hand out some awards to a few players.

We don’t actually have real awards to deliver to these players, because that kind of thing isn’t in our budget. We don’t even have a budget, so the best we can do is a few written words that the players may not even read. But perhaps someone they know will read them and pass the message along. I’m sure these players would appreciate knowing that they’ve been recognized by a bunch of random bloggers, so if you know any of the players, please let them know that they have been given a prestigious yet nonexistent award.

Here’s how this complicated process went down. The staff of writers submitted their ballots for a player and pitcher of the year for each of the minor league affiliates, as well as one choice for the best minor league player of the year. I tirelessly counted each ballot by hand, compiling the data and creating the official results. Ok, so maybe the process isn’t all that complicated. Let’s just get right down to it, starting with the lowest levels of the minor leagues.