Determining the New Face of the Royals

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Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Holland

A closer as the Face of the Franchise? Well, as Holland is one of the best in baseball, why not? Since the start of the 2012 season, Holland has posted a 2.00 ERA and a 1.090 WHiP, striking out 264 batters in 184.1 innings. His 103 saves since 2012 are tied for fifth, which is remarkable considering that Holland did not take over as the full time closer until halfway though the season. Holland has truly dominated at the back end of the bullpen.

Pros: One of the best closers in baseball, Greg Holland has become virtually automatic when the game is on the line. Not only does Holland have those 103 saves, but he has blown a total of nine games. Nine. And some of those occurred before Holland officially took over as the Royals closer. He has truly dominated in the back of the Royals bullpen.

Cons: Once again, Holland is a closer. The Royals have had several good closers over the years, with the torch passing from Dan Quisenberry to Jeff Montgomery to Joakim Soria to Holland. Yet, while these players are fan favorites, they are not typicall the first players that come to mind when thinking of the Royals. Generally, closers are not the first players that come to mind with any team. Just based on position, Holland finds himself at a disadvantage.

If we base the Face of the Franchise on being one of the best at their position, then a legitimate case can be made for Greg Holland. Unfortunately, as a closer, Holland would seem to have less of a case than some of the other options.